why it’s called Miles meets Darwin

Miles meets Darwin is the name of an audio software we are thinking a lot about. It’s on our list of future projects and it will become real as soon as we can set our hands to do it.

But Miles meets Darwin is also the perfect title for what we are doing with this blog. And that is to introduce ourselves to our growing list of friends. One post at a time.

Why Miles meets Darwin – I

Well, we don’t know if Miles Davis was ever interested in Biology. And we also have no idea whether Charles Darwin ever wrote music. And no, they have never really  met.

wikipedia                       wikipedia

The truth is that we don’t know much about their mutual bonds, except the fact that they have to have had common ancestors. And, funnily enough, this is believable both from a creationist or an evolutionist point of view. Hmm…

Why Miles meets Darwin – II

I often dream of time travel and how wonderful it would be if I could step back some hundreds of years and live my life on that time when men were much less invasive on nature. But, on the other hand, I am well aware that living today gives me the possibility of knowing and enjoying what others have discovered  before me. And the more I go further into the present, the more I can use what others have done. I have no idea if mankind will ever live on Mars, but I know very well that The Voyage of the Beagle and Go ahead John have helped  more to build who I am today than all my school teachers together.

So, simply enough, Miles met Darwin sometime in my youth, somewhere in my brain, where the sounds of one mingled with the words of the other.

Why Miles meets Darwin – III

Miles Davis and Charles Darwin are, we believe, a very good company on this new blog where we will present the work and  mindset of  audiodevel.com.

Kind of Blue and Evolution Theory: two amazing ways of bowing to the extraordinary beauty of our absolutely wonderful chance of living.

Thank you for your interest,

Halftime Rack


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