audio? devel? .com?

1  audio?

On January 23, Google comes out with 2 140 000 000 results for the word AUDIO in 0.51 seconds.

Wiktionary says it comes from the Latin ‘audire’ (to hear, to listen) and Wikipedia divides the entrance ‘Audio’ into the subtitles: Sound, Entertainment and Computing.

Interesting: sound, entertainment and computing is exactly where works. We work for you to hear, to listen to different sounds. Different AUDIO. And we are definitely in a big business community, trusting Google’s more than 2 billion (in European numbers) entries on the word ‘audio’. When we add that to the 1 640 million results for SOUND, it means that there’s more than 3 billion worldwide interests on our line of business. No, we are not alone.

Regrettably, is also a part of all the world’s noise. It’s a small, very tiny part, it’s true, but still. Anyway, Hempton says that there is absolutely no place on Earth nowdays that is completely free from human sound all of the time. Noise is all around us, even on the most remote places.

Therefore, we truly believe that more than making noise, is helping people to create some new sense out of all the sounds that already exist. We are a hardware and software start-up developing audio technology for musicians and sound engineers. So basically, our work helps people becoming artists and helps artists creating music. And that makes all the difference from building motorized lawn mowers, don’t you think?

2  devel?


It’s not Lucifer misspelled, it’s the beginning of the word ‘developments’. Developments in audio, that’s what we do.

Research and Development  (i.e. “work directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes” – says Google dictionary) in audio devices. builds audio electronics that don’t exist on the market, audio electronics that answer musicians needs. We aim at delivering what musicians wish for, creating novelties others don’t make. Because we research and develop, we can innovate for niche markets, presenting high quality at reasonable prices. It’s professional work for professionals or at least highly engaged amateurs.

No, devel here is not a misspelled Satan, but the truth is we can be quite develish. Beware.

3 .com?

” OMG, how can you be so eighties?” – she asks, being born in the nineties.

Well, we’re old school. Cope with it.


soundcloud     Do not disturb

Thank you for your interest.





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