Downs and ups

January wasn’t a great month.

During the first days, it rained a lot. Most of Portugal was grey, gloomy and wet. In this traditionally fair country, people don’t cope so well with many days of rain: taxi drivers shout twice as much per km and tax officers understand you thrice as less per declaration. Yes, here we also get grey and gloomy with the weather and no matter how dry we are.

Évora, Portugal

On  our case, we were also coughing a lot, which didn’t help.

Anyway, the worse thing was that we had to dismiss our marketing agent.

Somewhere in another sunny part of the world, 5 hours distant from us, this marketing company was unable to deliver a campaign of any sort, for reasons that are none of our business. So, after months of patience and waiting, waiting and patience but no real work done, we had to do the right thing. Yeah, it feels as stupid as it sounds. Obvious ugly things, like saying goodbye to someone who doesn’t work, always feel pretty awkward. But we had to do it. So we did the right thing – and we were promised a refund.

Let us wait. And be patient…

Time, however, is not refundable. There is now the downside of wasted days and the bitter taste of “you should know better”. Well, everybody has unfortunate times and it’s bad luck mostly for them who were dismissed. So, let’s go on.

KBO is the main rule, that much we do know.

And before we knew it, January was gone.

carnaval 2016
Torres Vedras, Portugal

Complying with Churchill’s advice, we issued something we called a press release, some big friends helped cheering our name around, and these past weeks we’ve been getting a few wonderful emails from some quite well-known musicians. Wow.

All of a sudden we realize that, despite the virtually nonexistent marketing campaign, people are actually interested on what we’re doing. It’s the product, much more than the image: Great!

And lately the weather has been very pleasant – it feels like Spring, believe it or not.

IMG_20130525_yow yow
Lisboa, Portugal

Now, we are finishing the Help File on the VC1- Editor Software. It’s a full feature modular synthesizer software and we will be releasing it for beta testing during this month. If you’re interested in giving it a try and you still haven’t register with us, don’t forget to do it – we will be contacting our subscribers first.

Now, we are closing negotiations and finishing contract details with new marketers.

And we will continue to show you more about our VC1- Vocal Converter.

February will be fun!

VC1 nasasmall

Thank you for your interest.


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