Google Chrome: the Puritan Hawthorne’s town revisited on every download (or another day in the startup school of life)

VC1 Editor

All we wanted to do was to release a beta version of the software that will be included in our VC1 — Vocal Converter. But, of course, Chrome will do their very best to slander us. Without any reason, any proof, anything other that, to them, we are unknown therefore malicious.

Unknown = malicious!!! Something like: live by our rules or we’ll mark you as venomous. It is The Scarlet Letter, isn’t it?

And yet, on this process of trying to start a new business, we are finding out, by our own experience, that it’s quite astonishing the amount of people who really want to help us. And astonishing is also the amount of companies (some of them also startups I’m sure) that are sponsored by governments and other official institutions just to help us, the new ones.

So life is good. If it wasn’t for the sharks. Like Google.

oceanario lx
Oceanário, Lisboa

Sadly, no one that matters seems to care enough to do something. We are talking about  what Chrome calls “Safe Browsing”. And if you don’t understand why “Safe Browsing” is a huge cynical fraud , just check the comments on Chrome’s blog. You’ll see for yourself.

Of course, here (as in The Scarlet Letter),  today (as in 1642), it’s all about power. Chrome, the judge, considers us a threat because they can consider whatever they want. But, as the good catholic church of those times, today’s holy web powers accept yearly indulgences and let everything be forgotten. We just have to pay and we will be accepted in the land of the righteous. Oh yeah.

peniche jan 059

Yes, if we pay a yearly fee (SSL or Software Certification, or what else…), we will no longer be considered a world threat.  Interesting, isn’t it? The idea behind is: “just give us some money and we’ll say you’re safe”.

“Just give us some money and we’ll say you’re safe” – Is it us, or there’s something of Don Corleone in this line of thought? Is Chrome a blend of the uptight Hawthorne’s old times and an upgrade on modern America?

Google – our Godfather? Nah, it can’t be.

VC1 EditorAnyway,  we won’t pay. And we are not malicious, believe us. If you’re interested in trying our software and/or interested in our vocal converter, just register and we’ll send you the link.

Meanwhile, this is it. Nothing new,  just another journey on the startup school of life, always contesting that in the view of Infinite Purity, we are sinners all alike.

No, we’re not.


Thank you for your interest.

(a first version of this same text was published before here)


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