The Founder & Inventor



Since 2007 the website has been used for Michael Kraft’s activity as R&D consultant and freelancer  in embedded audio technology. In 2013, Michael embraced the idea of making his own company, building audiodevel’s portfolio and bringing it to light. Up until now, audiodevel has been totally self-funded.

Michael explaining VC1’s features

 Michael Kraft’s career started in the mid-80s as musician, sound technician and music producer for TV adverts in Berlin, Germany. He composed more than 80 music spots during that time. Having a background in electronics and programming, he soon discovered he could use his skills to create useful apps and devices. As a matter of fact, Michael invented his first electronic device, because he didn’t want to pay for one. Being a professional musician, he started programming on the old Atari (new at that time…) and soon learned the potential of computing on innovative musical solutions.

It’s true that Michael made his career in electronics working for other companies, but now he has achieved a position in life that allows him to create his own start-up. So, he is the founder, the captain and the main brain of the mind that creates the products and the hands that make them work. For more than a decade now, he has developed his experience in algorithms and printed circuits, codes and pins. Michael was born in Germany, but has lived in several other European countries. Now he spends most of his time in Portugal.


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