about us

Miles meets Darwin is the name of an audio software we will soon create. It’s a project and it will become real as soon as we can set our hands to do it.

Meanwhile, Miles meets Darwin seems the perfect title for what we are doing with this blog. And that is to introduce ourselves to our growing list of friends. One post at a time.

audiodevel.com is the registered name of the company we are creating together with the help of everyone who, one way or another, are pushing us forward. We are building an innovative portfolio of hi-tech products for musicians and other sound professionals.

ARM on PCBAs a Research & Development company specialized in audio hardware and audio software, audiodevel is that little dot in time where innovation in sound meets the evolution theory. We make new audio devices exactly where the two ends meet. So far, we have registered four patents,  but more are planned for application. Our products aim at professional innovation: we are building new quality tools for music creation: what you need and have dreamt of, but hasn’t been made yet.

And if you read so far, well, there’s a big chance you’ll stay around for a little longer. Our posts tell you who we are and what we are doing.

Thank you for keeping an interest.


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